Mobile Maps


Mobilemaps began life as a 3D virtual reality mapping program in 1995/1996, then developed into an early attempt at "Google Earth". Next, it's ever optimistic founders, Philip and Peter Abrahamson, transformed it into one of the world's first location-based keyword search-engines by early 2001. It was open sourced sometime before November 2002.

It has been in hiatus for quite a few years while its developers have been busy with families and day jobs. However, there have been some recent developments:

  • is now launching as a service providing POI, category, keyword, and augmented reality to developers and entrepreneurs wishing to avoid the pain of developing, maintaining, and scaling their own location-based search.

  • has been developed by Peter Abrahamson, and features an open source points-of-interest engine based on the original mobilemaps code. Lightrod's engine can be quickly tested in the NakdReality test-bed.