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Mobilemaps NearbyAds are a new concept that dramatically improves the effectiveness of search advertisements on the Internet.

Mobilemaps gives advertisers the ability to locate their search advertisements in the real world.

Users only see relevant ads, and are much more likely to click. Advertisers only spend money on users looking for the right product in the right location. Portals profit from more satisfied local advertisers and local users.

Mobilemaps NearbyAds are designed to benefit all players in the on-line advertising world:

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Which Portals can benefit?

1. Portals that have installed a Mobilemaps nearby engine - available to download free at this site.

2. "Affiliate" Portals that directly link to an existing Mobilemaps nearby engine

3. Portals with non-location-aware search engines that link to a nearby engine via open source Sox technology.

4. Portals with mobile phone search-engines that are location aware and wish to implement location aware advertising.

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